Your inner energy is all you need…

Learn Qigong and become a Guardian

Master the art of Qigong and defeat the darklings throughout Diego’s journey using the power of reflection and meditation! Harness your inner energy and experience epic battles to overcome the squire’s inner and outer darklings and save the kingdom for all!

Reign of Peace in Hastina Poora

The Kingdom of Hastina-Poora has been peaceful for many years, thanks to brave King Arnoval. Under his protection, and his powerful two-handed Sword of Light, King Arnoval banished the menacing Commander Selfish back to another dimension—maintaining a peaceful and harmonious life in his beloved kingdom.

A Rift has Appeared

Now dedicated to conquer King Arnoval and the Kingdom of Hastina-Poora, Commander Selfish created a way for the darklings—the beasts who wreak havoc—to enter the kingdom. As the rift widens, more and more darklings appear, bringing chaos and disruption to the once peaceful Hastina-Poora.

A Journey of Becoming a Guardian of Peace

A young squire named Diego wants to bring back peace to his beloved kingdom and ventures on a journey to become a Guardian of Peace. Taking his mentor’s advice, Diego seeks to pass the Seven Sacred Trials and learn about the seven energies of the universe from mentors across the entire kingdom.


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