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What is The Guardians of Peace?

The Guardians of Peace is an action-adventure game that revolves around the story of Diego and his journey to bring back peace to the Kingdom of Hastina-Poora.

Who is the main antagonist of the game?

Commander Selfish and his darklings.

I am interested in the other characters. Am I allowed to play as the mentors?

No, the game revolves around the journey of Diego as he becomes a Guardian of Peace with the help of his mentors.

Will there be weapons in the game?

No, your main weapon will be your inner energy.


Which platforms is the game available for?

The Guardians of Peace is available on PC, Android, iOS and coming soon on Xbox and Playstation.

Is the game Free-to-play?

The Guardians of Peace is available for free on Mobile. There will be a one-time purchase fee for Steam and Consoles with complete DLC.

Do I need the internet to play the game?

You can play The Guardians of Peace offline.

Where can I download the game?

You can download the game on Steam for PC, Android via the Google Play Store, iOS via the Appstore and soon, for Xbox via the Xbox Marketplace.


What top-up methods are available?

Available top-up methods are: Steam, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Sony.

I did not receive my purchase, what should I do?

Online purchases should be credited in real-time. Kindly try to re-login to your account to check if the purchase is reflected there. If not, please contact our Customer Service team.


I am having issues with the game, how do I contact you?

You may contact our CS Team through the game application, the website, or through our Official Facebook page.

Where can I report bugs and send other feedback about the game?

The best way to report bugs and provide feedback is to submit a ticket through the in-app tool or via our website.


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