Debra Artt’s Philanthropic Endeavors Help Children All Over the World
Debra Artt’s Philanthropic Endeavors Help Children All Over the World

Debra Artt’s Philanthropic Endeavors Help Children All Over the World

How TheGuardians of Peace Aims to Better the Lives of Children Throughout the Globe 

Debra Artt, philanthropist, CEO and creator of TheGuardians of Peace was created thanks to a nudge from her daughter Jenna, who inspired the entire family to engage in mindfulness and meditation as part of Jenna’s depression and addiction recovery. The plan for the game was to give children the skills to reframe emotional experiences using kindness, meditation, and of course, love to help them cope with difficulties they face.

“Our children are born with all the spiritual knowledge they need, inherently inside them. We make them forget a lot of those natural lessons when they get to school age. We just need them to remember. If we can do that, and they have the skills they need to cope and manage their emotions, there will be less violence, depression, and drug use,’” said Artt in a recent interview with Medium.

Since 2019, Artt has been tirelessly working on The Guardians of Peace in an effort to make the world a safer and happier place for our children. Using Qigong, a popular form of meditation, The Guardians of Peace teaches kids how to meditate while having a ton of fun. But it’s not the traditional “otus position” meditation format that can be sometimes difficult for kids to harness. It’s more a karate-style meditation that keeps children engaged and coming back for more. The practice ultimately leads to better health, increased happiness, and improved mental clarity. 

Another major effort of Artt’s was to highlight diversity through The Guardians of Peace. She intended for the characters in The Guardians of Peace to be mentors and the new superheroes our children so desperately need to see, that look like they do. Doing her due diligence, Artt worked with seven mentors of all different backgrounds and races to be able to relate to children through diversity. Artt envisions the younger generations playing The Guardians of Peace to see these characters as leaders who work together to save the world!

Debra is a committed “‘woman in wellness”, a mother, and grandmother, that is dedicated to her family and supporting causes she believes in.

Guardians Of Peace Is Available On Xbox, Google Play, And On The Apple App Store.


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