Debra Artt Interview with Ticker News Insight

Debra Artt Interview with Ticker News Insight

From Ticker News Insight, Debra Artt, CEO, Creator of Guardians of Peace and philanthropist, is interviewed to discuss her success in creating Guardians of Peace, with the nudge of her daughter, Jenna. The plan of the game was to help give children the skills to reframe emotional experiences using kindness, meditation and of course love. 

As Debra leads the conversation, ‘My daughter suffered from depression for many years…She started doing some research on meditation and energy healing. And she actually was the one that brought that into the home and it just made a world of difference in her healing. Then I started looking around at drug abuse and the violence in the world…and the whole common denominator was teaching the kids how to calm their minds. The meditation and energy healing does that and I thought I have to get this out to kids all over the world and what better way than to make it an app or a game!’  

When creating Guardians of Peace, Debra had high hopes of creating a teaching game that didn’t make it obvious to kids that they were in a learning environment. To achieve just that she enlisted the skills of her friend who was able to make the game cool and created enticing graphics to keep the kids coming back for more. Debra also does her due diligence and works with seven mentors of all different backgrounds and races to be able to relate to children and show them we can make the world a better place.

The interview then goes into the recent development of the game being made available through Xbox, which has been a huge achievement for the Guardians of Peace team. Debra explains that this game was created as an app first and then the team decided it needed a larger reach and Xbox was all in! 

Finally, the interview rounds out with the crux of the game which is qigong, a form of meditation with a large following. Qigong is so well touted in China that it is taught in their schools. Debra discusses how easy it is for kids to do and says it’s more a karate-style form of meditation that keeps everyone engaged. And not only engaged but illnesses are improved, moods are better and the kids are more present. 


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