Celebrate the Restriction-Free Holidays
Celebrate the Restriction-Free Holidays with Guardians of Peace

Celebrate the Restriction-Free Holidays

Are your kids asking for video games this Christmas? 

Celebrate the Restriction-Free Holidays with Guardians of Peace

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us need new ways to release stress, and this includes our children too. Especially in the winter season, there are limited activities for kids to do being cooped up in the house all day, so it’s fitting that video-game usage went up during the pandemic. Fifty-five percent of gamers said they used gaming as stress relief during the pandemic, according to a 2021 Entertainment Software Association report

Parents are naturally worried about the impacts of gaming on their children’s mental health and well-being, which in today’s climate is even more prevalent. This is where the Guardians of Peace stands out as a great gaming option for children.

Guardians of Peace was created by Debbie Petry Artt after she reflected on the dark forces that confront children in their daily lives. Wanting to show all kids how to calm their minds in fun and interesting ways, Debbie realized that the video gaming world would be the best way to reach them. In fact, Petry dedicated the game to her family’s young generation saying, ‘My children and grandchildren, who inspire me to make this world a better place.’ Debbie hopes that by interacting with children through video games, parents can initiate important discussions about love, gratitude, kindness, and even help them manage things like stress and difficult emotions. 

Qigong is the healing modality featured in Guardians of Peace. Qigong is a millennia-old system focusing on body posture, movement, and meditation. The practice ultimately leads to better health, increased happiness, and improved mental clarity. 


Master the Art of Qigong and defeat the Darklings throughout Diego’s Journey using the Power of Reflection and Meditation. Harness your inner energy & experience epic battles to overcome the Squire’s Inner and Outer Darklings and save the Kingdom for all! 

The holiday season is the perfect time to work toward new habits and behaviors as we head into the new year, and the game is the perfect way to do that.  This December sees the first Christmas since the pandemic without any restrictions. Teach your kids new ways to manage their stress as we come out of these difficult times. Ease into 2023 and do things differently this go-round! 

Guardians of Peace is available on Xbox, Google Play, and on the Apple App store


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