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With inner strength, you can accomplish anything..

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The Guardians of Peace was created by Debbie Petry Artt, after reflecting on the dark forces that confront children in their daily lives. Wanting to speak to them about their inner energy and show them how to calm their minds with fun and interesting meditation, Debbie realized that the global platform of a video game would be the best way to reach them and teach them about love and kindness.

Debbie hopes that parents interacting with their children through playing the game will lead to discussions about purpose, gratitude, love, meditation, energy and kindness. She introduces the importance of Qigong, a millennia-old system of body-posture and movement, breathing and meditation that leads to improved mental and physical health. It is practiced as a beautiful art by people around the world.


Creator of The Guardians of Peace. A focus on health and vigor unleashes a strength we all have within.

Debbie Petry Artt


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